Course Projects

This page is designed for the collection of my course projects since 2018, link to materials

Course list (in class identifier’s order):

Additionally, I have already done some projects out of interest:

The overview of those project:


  • Technical Stack: Verilog, Minisys development board, Python
  • Used serial port to transfer images/gif from laptop to the development board.
  • Display the image or gif through VGA port on the monitor.
  • Resize the images just as the background image in Windows desktop, such as tiling, filling, etc.
  • Display the resolution on the development board.


  • This repository may not be open-source if you CANNOT see the codes.
  • Technical Stack: Java, Python, Javalin, Vue.js
  • Solver for sudoku and magic square.
  • Accelerated algorithm by evolutionary algorithm.
  • Designed a web application to display the live current chess board.


  • Technical Stack: C, STM32
  • Installed two 2.4G WI-FI modules on separate STM32 development board and made them communicate to each other.
  • Used USB serial port to transfer data from laptops to the STM32.
  • Display the communication messages on the LCD screen on the STM32.
  • Report is available on the GitHub repo.


  • Technical Stack: Rust, qemu, xv6
  • Based on xv6 written in C, we try to implement it with Rust.
  • This is the first time that I used Rust to program.
  • Helped developer to debug in his project.
  • Implemented a very simple file system.


  • Technical Stack: Python (scikit-learn), parallel computing
  • First, designed and implemented the mini-max algorithm to compete on the zero-sum game Reversi, ranking 28 over ~180 students. (No ML)
  • Second, design and implemented different models based on influence maximization problems, with full marks.
  • Third, design and implemented text classification algorithm based on scikit-learn, with full marks.


  • HIGHLIGHT: The best group among all the projects
  • Technical Stack: Python
  • Implemented a reliable-data-transfer protocol based on UDP.
  • Simulated packet loss and low bandwidth during the transfer.
  • Adopted event-driven tragedy to handle different states, such as re-delivery, ack and syn-ack.


  • Video Link
  • Technical Stack: Python, React, mapbox,
  • Given 3,000 taxi trips over the course of one day in Shenzhen (coordinates, timestamp, whether it has passengers on it).
  • Data cleaning and data mining of these trips.
  • Visualized the trips using, mapbox, and React.


  • Technical Stack: Java, Python (for crawling meta-data), Spring Boot, MyBatis, thymeleaf
  • Aimed at mocking a small-sized 12306 train trip system in China.
  • Crawled large amount of train trip data across the China.
  • Designed efficient data storage in the database.
  • Preprocessed the crawled data into what we want, and insert them into our designed database.
  • Support queries, purchase, refund, etc. of the train trips.

Database-SQL-Online-Judge-System (Phantom OJ)

  • HIGHLIGHT: The largest project that I have ever done (~7000 lines of code in backend development)
  • Technical Stack: Java, Redis, Spring Boot, Spring Security, MyBatis, PostgreSQL, Python, Docker, Vue.js
  • Designed an online judge system for our “Principles of Database Systems” class for homework automated corrction
  • Multi-secured and multi-authority system for Teaching Assistants, Student Assistants, and students.
  • Used Redis to cache the frequently used messages and data.
  • Design Patterns: composite, MVC, REST ……


  • Technical Stack: Python, mitmproxy
  • Man-in-the-middle capture
  • Classify the traffic according to the IPs and content-type
  • Give timely feedback to the pictures related to porn, violence, etc. (bad to children)

Automated Web Crawler

  • Technical Stack: Python (requests, keyboard)
  • Given a series of URLs (Json/csv/xlsx format), and use keyboard shortcuts to open these URLs in order.
  • Get rid of Ctrl+C/V.
  • Inspired when doing the quantum-computing research.